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Print Management Solutions

Key Benefits of Using A Print Management Company

While we are all geared up towards a paperless office, the printing of transactional business documents remains to be a fundamental business process for many enterprises, small, medium or large. Today, companies continue to generate reams of paper for internal correspondence, record keeping, direct mail, and customer-facing letters.

Surprisingly, most organisations do not keep tabs on their printing costs. Reason being, it is sometimes difficult to manually track annual printing costs. A business cannot implement an actionable print cost-cutting strategy if the printing costs are unknown.

A print management company helps you monitor your printing costs by putting everything into perspective. How many printers do you have? How often do you order ‘print’? What are your documents needs? What aspects of print would you like to cut back on? Having managed print services takes away all your print requirements so that you can focus on your core business activities.

Managing your print fleet can be expensive and time-consuming. A print management company will give your organisation control of the print fleet.

Why should you consider working with a print management company?

1. It’s not expensive

Since the print management company is managing printing needs for different organisations and companies, they have leverage over standalone users as they can purchase in bulk. This saves on the cost of materials such as paper and toners. Ultimately, the print management will pass down the savings to your organisation.

Similarly, print management companies leverage their knowledge of suppliers to find the best market prices for you. This can potentially save you up to 30% of your printing costs. Outsourcing your printing needs will increase your efficiencies and eliminate random purchasing costs.

2. Save Time

Organising print and managing your print fleet is probably not your thing. You might end up spending too much valuable time trying to fix minor printing problems. This can lead to wasted human resources and time that could otherwise have been used on other productive activities.

A print management company also ensures that your work does not stop when printers break down, or simply run out of ink or paper. As part of the contract, the print management company will offer you proactive repairs and troubleshooting of possible printer, fax, copier or scanner problems. They will also ensure that your supplies do not run out, by ordering them on time.

3. Keep a close eye on your costs

A good print management company will use industry-grade tools to provide insights into your daily, monthly or annual printing costs, allowing you to plan appropriately. A managed print provider will analyse your print fleet usage and advice on the best print cost-cutting measures. This data can also help you spot wasteful trends that can trigger changes in your business processes.

4. Print more efficiently

Your managed print provider will help you develop systems and protocols to help you print more efficiently, hence leading to massive savings in paper, toner and electricity costs. Print management professionals will look at how you currently use your print fleet and suggest actionable ways to streamline your production tasks.

With robust print policy rules, print management professionals can stop mistakes such as printing 100 copies of a single paged document. They can also enforce duplex printing where necessary while discouraging simplex printing.

Your print management company can tailor solutions to get work done faster and at a lower cost.

5. Enhance Innovation

A print management company can bring a fresh approach to your lethargic print room. By using innovation and creativity, your organisation can maintain a leading position by having your marketing collateral and printed communications at the forefront of your competition.

6. Increased Security

By using biometric for printing and restricted access protocols to printing, you can rest easy knowing that your printing needs are in line with your company policies. A print management company will give users control over when, how and what can be printed.

7. A catch-all option

A managed print provider will cover all your copiers, printers and ink. Managed print services give you access to multi-functional printing devices that can be used to fax, scan, print and copy your documents of the fly, and on demand. This is a sure way of saving money and time.

There you have it, seven benefits of using a print management company. Call us today to arrange for a free print audit of your enterprise.

Our New Resin Driveway

On a different completely note I would just like to thank The Driveway Company for installing a couple of resin driveways around our new premises. I believe in giving credit where credit is due, we asked the for their opinion as to what style of driveway and the best material to use, Bryan the sales rep came round pretty quickly and gave us a whole host of options along with costs.

After careful consideration we decided on the resin bound style of drive as this not only looked fantastic but also come with a 15 year guarantee however he has shown me drives in the area that had been installed for nearly 20 years and still looked as fresh as the day the were laid.

Below is a video of from The Driveway Company showing their work, unfortunately my camera is not working at the moment so I could not take any images of the completed before and after work but the visdo gives you a good idea.

Canon Print Management in Wolverhampton

Canon Multi-function Printers

The names from those that prepare today’s requirements in optical, graphic and also image resolution innovations are actually defined solidly on stone, as well as among those is the trademark name of Canon. Canon to begin with ended up being a primary gamer along with its ground cracking release from the Canon EOS 300 Digital Camera. Lately, Canon has as soon as again made a nominative bench marking access along with its multi-function equipment collection, the Canon image CLASS Multi-function Series. For more information regarding Canon photocopiers in Wolverhampton

There had actually been leaders to the multi-function equipment. These machines were initially launched through Okidata throughout the late 1980. But as a result of unsatisfactory being compatible to many units, specifically outside its indigenous Japan, these machines failed to receive much online reputation. This has bad reliability, also, and also this is actually a significant disappointment to a maker that is quite crucial to breakdowns as its failing would certainly additionally lead to failing in the majority of or each of its own sub units.

Canon could have the benefit of instance along with Okidata’s earlier release such that the Canon Multi-function Printers have ended up being a bench marking entry for other launches.

There are actually indicate be taken into consideration regarding Canon Multi-function Printers though. Considering that they combine several office units in to one logical machine, featuring a personal computer color printer (typically inkjet with different colors as well as black and white functionality), a scanner, a photocopier and a laser device color printer, commonly the publishing output ought to be actually a number of techniques inferior to, say, one of the most high point standalone inkjet printer for noticeable reasons. Or even a standalone scanning device has more read speed in comparison to that of Canon Multi-function Printers. That is since such gadgets are designed to provide just what is actually common or above average yet not those quality glaze surface which definitely would not be practical in a company environment.

Altogether, obtaining Canon Multi-function Printers may be warranted along with a number of perks: one of the apparent will be room productivity, an additional is actually rate performance in contrast to obtaining all components one at a time. Next is actually the minimal trouble of work (e.g. checking at that point direct feed to a fax, or printing then xeroxing, and so on. and so on.).

Along with the prospects from office in a brighter illumination, this creates Canon Multi-function Printers are specially developed devices. As well as this makes every little thing simplified: a PC, a telephone line along with internet relationship, a stack of A6s, a number of brilliant service concepts, plus obviously a multi-function and also your ready to go.

Therefore select your version of the Canon Multi-function Printers and also begin your company today.

Which computer printer innovation would you go for?

A computer system printer is a device that produces human legible text or graphics in electronic type.

The following printer innovations are found in modern printers

– Toner based printers: Toner based printers are really similar to copy machines. The most common example of toner based printers is laser printers. Another great example of toner based printer would be LED printer which uses an array of LED’s instead of a laser to cause toner adhesion.

– Inkjet Printers: Inkjet printers are less expensive than laser printers but they are costly to run as their cartridges have to be often changed. Inkjet printers are extensively used in your homes and by small business users. They have an excellent all round printing abilities from white and black to color prints. Inkjet printers guarantee high resolution image prints offering high quality photos. Inkjet printers are relatively much slower than laser printers. Another drawback of inkjet printer is that the pages take a long period of time to dry before they can be really managed.

– Impact Printers: Impact printers rely on a forcible ink to move ink to the media. Effect printers are basically of 2 types’ letter quality printers and dot matrix printers.

– Line Printers: Line printers print an entire line of text at a time. These printers were the fastest in effect printers and were used for bulk printing in large computer centers. They were never ever utilized with desktop computers due to their os. They have now been changed by high speed laser printers.

Another fine example of toner based printer would be LED printer which utilizes a variety of LED’s instead of a laser to cause toner adhesion.

– Inkjet Printers: Inkjet printers are more affordable than laser printers however they are expensive to run as their cartridges need to be frequently replaced. Impact printers are generally of two types’ letter quality printers and dot matrix printers.

These printers were the fastest in impact printers and were used for bulk printing in big computer system.